Lenovo Z6 Pro will get a 100 megapixel camera

March 27 was to be held presentation of the new "brainchild" of the Chinese company Lenovo - Z6 Pro smartphone. However, the event for unknown reasons did not take place. Nevertheless, the head of the company, Yan Yuanqing, posted a post on his page on the social network, announcing the appearance of a new product, and provided it with the hashtag "billions of pixels."
Perhaps this is a 100-megapixel camera, which will receive the Z6 Pro. In any case, there are no details at the moment.
If you believe the rumors, the device will work on the new Snapdragon 855 in conjunction with 6 GB of RAM, and the fingerprint sensor of the novelty will be built into the display.
The announcement of the device, apparently, will be held just the other day.