Apple suffers record iPhone sales drop

For the first time in 11 years, iPhone sales have fallen by more than 23 percent. Apple has already lost second place in the table of leadership in deliveries, the American corporation without visible efforts has outstripped the Chinese Huawei. Perhaps the Apple business will be able to fix the new iPhone models, but nobody has any confidence in this now.
According to Canalys, sales of smartphones by the American corporation in the starting quarter of this year, as in the previous five quarters, are significantly reduced. The fall in demand for products has already led to the fact that the company's share in the global standings has decreased to 12.8 percent.
Note that Chinese manufacturers in the current realities feel just fine. So going now in second place in the world in terms of sales Huawei half increased the supply of smartphones in the first quarter of this year and is breathing confidently after losing Samsung. Xiaomi and Oppo also show strong growth against the background of competitors' failures.