Samsung ridiculed iPhone 11 in new Galaxy Note 10 ad


Apple is one of the main competitors in the market for Samsung, and since all means are good in a war, South Koreans occasionally resort to trolling their opponents. This happened this time as well - in a recent advertisement of Galaxy Note 10, the function of “live focus”, which the American competitor does not have, was demonstrated in a joking manner.
The main innovation of the “fresh” iPhone was their advanced camera system using artificial intelligence algorithms, and night mode shooting. However, some of the expected features were not implemented again. This is exactly what the South Korean company decided to push in its video, showing that with their new smartphone the user can easily change the shooting settings and settings in real time, in particular, create depth and blur the background, focusing on the main event being shot.
Within a few days, the 15-second video was watched 400 thousand times and collected 1,200 likes.