Google will not use Fuchsia instead of Android

The last few years, Google has been developing a new operating system, Fuchsia, but, for what purpose it will not be used, it hasn’t been clear until recently. Many have suggested that the system can even replace the rather popular Android. However, the other day, the head of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer tried to lift the veil of secrecy and talk about the purpose of the novelty.
“We are exploring the possibilities of the new operating system, but it definitely will not replace Android or Chrome OS. Rather, it is squeezing the best for use in other products. We plan to integrate Fuchsia as much as possible into electronics, IoT devices and much more. Android has proven itself as an operating system for mobile devices, and Fuchsia will be designed for other form factors. Work continues, ”said a top manager.
Thus, the "green robot" is not in danger, as Fuchsia will be used for new types of devices.