Lenovo caught plagiarism

Unfortunately, Lenovo quite often gets into unpleasant situations, mostly related to inaccurate information about its products. So, last year, the manufacturer guaranteed that the smartphone Z5 would not have a frame around the perimeter of the screen and get its own memory up to 4 TB. Recently it was announced that the Z6 Pro will support a 27-watt charger. All these promises remained promises.
Recently, the company “plunged into” a new embarrassment - at a presentation organized on the occasion of the RAZR clamshell release, representatives of the company used a video from one of the reviewers of the Vakar Khan equipment, and did not even bother to ask him for permission before putting on Lenovo logo.
At the same time, taking the blogger’s video as a basis for its presentation, Lenovo confirmed in absentia that the device will look exactly as it showed.
The approximate cost of the folding smartphone will be equal to 1500 dollars.