Scientists have found a new way to hack a smartphone using a microphone

A rather unusual version of the “hijacking” of a password was recently published by a group of scientists from Cambridge University. To hack the smartphone and data theft does not need phishing, hacking cameras and other complex software. Scientists have managed to find a way in which an attacker will be sufficient to activate the microphone of a mobile device.
The program, specially created by scientists, analyzes the distance from the character pressed on the screen to the microphone and, based on special algorithms, detects password options.
At the moment, the program's algorithms allow you to correctly select the device password in more than half of the attempts. So, during testing, 31 four-digit codes from 50 attempts were correctly identified. Scientists note that the likelihood of hacking is greatly affected by the complexity of the password, and therefore it is advised not to download suspicious software on your gadgets and not to use simple passwords.