Motion Sense for Google Pixel 4 will be available in 38 countries

One of the main "chips" Pixel 4 will no doubt be the function of Motion Sense or gesture control. With it, you can control the smartphone without touching the screen. However, support for this option will be available only for a limited number of countries.
The 9to5Google portal has provided a complete list of countries in which Google has received permission to use gesture control. Unfortunately, among 38 countries there was no place for either Russia or other countries of the post-Soviet space. This is due to the fact that the official sale of Pixel smartphones in these countries is not carried out.
In addition, it became known that "air" gestures will not be supported by all applications. For the most part, the list of supported applications at the moment is only those that are somehow related to playing music, in particular, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and others.