PUBG Mobile's profit in the third quarter amounted to almost half a billion dollars

The brainchild of Tencent shows just incredible profits. Its growth, according to research by Sensor Tower, amounted to $ 496 million, an increase of 652 percent in the third quarter. PUBG is also among the most downloaded applications, second only to the game Fun Race 3D in terms of downloads.
In second place in the profitability ranking is Arena of Valor, which replenished the bank account of its creators with $ 377 million. Closes the top three Japanese Fate / Grand Order with a result of 354 million dollars for the third quarter.
It is impossible not to note the success of Pokemon Go. The revenue of this game increased by 63 percent when compared with the results of the last quarter.
The positions of the gaming industry as a whole are quite positive - an increase of 20 percent was recorded, which amounted to $ 16.3 billion in quantitative reflection. Accordingly, owners of Android devices spent $ 6.5 billion, and owners of iOS devices spent $ 9.8 billion.