Samsung is working on a smartphone with a sub-screen front camera

Smartphones with a front camera hidden under the screen will be the next logical step to create a completely frameless device. Samsung has already made significant progress in this direction. At least, The Elec resource, referring to its sources, said that next year the South Korean brand will launch a smartphone with a front-facing camera on the market.
The publication suggests that one of the Samsung devices that will come out with a front-facing camera under the screen will be Galaxy Fold 2. However, there are opposite rumors in the media that the sub-screen camera will appear in the Galaxy Note 11 or even in the new smartphone of the Galaxy A line.
Be that as it may, engineers will have to solve many problems. In particular, the use of polyimide as the camera material gives the images a yellowish color, and the overall sharpness of the images leaves much to be desired. Perhaps these shortcomings will have to be addressed at the software level.