Quick Charge 4.0 is only implemented in Razer Phone

The developer of Qualcomm has compiled and published a list of smartphones in which the Quick Charge 4.0 option is fully implemented. Presented at the end of the year before last, the technology of accelerated charging, as it turned out, is almost not supported by manufacturers of mobile gadgets, even though in the chipset Snapdragon 835, which is used in many modern smartphones, the QC 4.0 function is supported.
Технология Quick Charge 4.0 реализована лишь в Razer Phone

On its website, the developer noted that fully QC 4.0 technology functions only in the smartphone Razer Phone. The Nubia Z17 smartphone, which claims QC 4.0+ support, is actually being sold with a charger using QC 3.0 technology. Manufacturers explain this by the lack of components necessary for the implementation of QC 4.0+ at the time of the gadget's sale.