Five-Year Patent Proceedings Between Ericsson and Xiaomi Completed

Ericsson and Xiaomi, it seems, still managed to find a compromise in the five-year “war”. The lawsuit against the Swedish campaign began at the end of 2014. Ericsson did not like the fact that the Chinese illegally used eight patents to manufacture smartphones, and they appealed to the Delhi High Court.
An Indian court upheld the lawsuit and decided to limit sales of some smartphone models. Subsequently, through negotiations, it was possible to obtain a “temporary license” for Redmi 1S, for this the manufacturer from the Middle Kingdom had to pay 1.41 dollars from each sold device.
Last year, despite the ongoing lawsuit, it became clear that a truce between the companies was about to come. But they finally managed to resolve the dispute only a few weeks ago. The Five Years War is over, but nothing is known about the exact terms of the settlement.