123123 Tops Worst Passwords

The password serves to protect personal confidential data, and the more complicated it is, the more information is protected. However, many users are very frivolous about inventing passwords, and they use fairly simple combinations of numbers and letters.
The other day, SplashData conducted a study whose purpose was to identify the weakest passwords. As a result of the work, the experts rated the combinations, which are not recommended for use as passwords. The most common and, accordingly, the most unreliable are sequences of numbers, starting from one: "123123", "12345", "1234567" and so on.
The most weak passwords included iloveyou, qwerty, and password. The company's specialists advise everyone who found their password in this rating to urgently change it, since attackers crack such a password very quickly. In addition, users are strongly discouraged from creating the same password for different sites or for multiple accounts.