Google plans to launch three versions of the Pixel 4a

In late spring of last year, Google introduced two lighter versions of the flagship Pixel 3 - 3a and 3a XL. Many expected a similar move with Pixel 4, but the company decided to take a different path and will release three light versions of the flagship at once.
According to information previously obtained by insiders, it was already known that the manufacturer could release three budget models at once, but now the evidence was found in the camera application, where the designation “mid-level pixel” appeared.
By the way, the camera application also contains other information about future updates. So, one of the models will receive a Snapdragon 730 chip, and the other two - Snapdragon 765G. Given that this chip supports fifth-generation networks, it can be assumed that the two models equipped with it are 4a 5G and 4a XL 5G.
The entire line will be presented in May, simultaneously with Android 11.