Android Pie is the fastest growing version of Android

Android's biggest concern at all times has been fragmentation. Due to the large number of devices from different manufacturers on the market, the speed of providing updates to the operating system was often extremely low. However, Google still managed to take control of the situation and achieve timely device updates.
So, thanks to the Project Treble initiative, which makes it easier for manufacturers to switch to the current version of the operating system, the distribution of new versions began to happen significantly faster.
The graph, which the company posted on its own blog, shows the speed of distribution of various versions of Android. Judging by it, Android Pie showed just a huge jump in deployment among users of Android devices. In 400 days since the release, the number of devices with Android Pie has doubled the number of devices with Android Oreo.
According to Google, thanks to cooperation with many manufacturers of smartphones, the transition to Android 10 will be even faster.