The actual performance of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is significantly different from the declared

A week ago, in a broadcast format in Beijing, a presentation of the new Xiaomi flagships, Mi10 and Mi10 Pro, was held. Among other characteristics, the manufacturer announced a high result of testing the speed of the device in the AnTuTu benchmark. So, the Mi10 Pro based on the Snapdragon 865 managed to score 585,232 points in the test, which significantly exceeded the results of its predecessor.
True, in reality, the numbers based on the test results were much lower than the manufacturer claimed. So, in the test Master Lu Mi10 Pro with 8 GB of RAM managed to reach only 470 thousand points. Of course, the result itself is pretty good, but he left many at a loss. The same Nubia Red Magic 3S, released last year and running on the Snapdragon 855+, scored more than 488 thousand points in the test.
Perhaps such a conditionally low result may be associated with incompletely optimized firmware.