A group of researchers found ways to bypass DDR4 memory protection

The issue of security of confidential data is always quite acute. In the modern world, information is one of the most valuable and sought-after things, and therefore attempts to illegally extract it over time become more and more sophisticated.
A few days ago, a group of researchers revealed a method by which you can crack any type of random access memory, both computer and mobile devices. And for this, you can use the well-known Rowhammer exploit. This type of hacking of RAM was described back in 2014, and then, according to assurances of security experts, it was successfully neutralized. However, not as successful as we would like.
Several years ago, experts from Micron and Samsung developed the TRR protection system, which was supposed to completely protect the RAM, but researchers proved that DDR4 all this time had a critical vulnerability, with the help of which attackers could not only get to confidential information, but also gain access to the device itself using the Rowhammer.