Google has decided to completely abandon the I/O conference

Hard times require unpopular decisions. During a coronavirus outbreak, many traditional activities and activities have to be abandoned. For the past 12 years, Google has regularly gathered developers at the annual conference, but this year the company made a difficult decision to cancel the conference. Moreover, unlike Apple, which held its WWDC conference online, Google simply abandoned its organization.
“The most important thing is to focus on the problems of people and help them. We will support the activity of our community and continue to inform you of all developments and updates through forums and blogs, ”commented on the situation on Google.
A lot was going to happen at the conference. In particular, the presentation of the new version of the Android operating system and the Pixel 4a smartphone was to take place. What Google will do in this situation is not yet clear, perhaps the information on updates will simply appear on the company's official website.