Google Play toughens fight against hidden subscriptions

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for developers to consciously or not not very clearly define the conditions for using their applications, and this especially applies to paid “premium” features and subscriptions. Often, users find out about an activated paid subscription only after debiting money from their accounts. In addition, some applications do not contain comprehensive information about how to complete a subscription, its expiration date and the exact cost.
Google is constantly working to improve the performance of its app store, protecting users from malware and fraud attempts. This time, the corporation decided to take control of the situation with paid subscriptions to applications. Starting August 1, all new applications with paid options will have to contain a clear explanation about the cost of a subscription to paid services, their duration, the period of the trial version, if any, and how to terminate the subscription. For existing applications, the deadline for bringing the placement rules in line with the new edition is October 31.
Failure to comply will remove the application from Google Play.