Crash Bandicoot appeared on Google Play

24 years after its release on the PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot came out in the mobile version for Android. You can download and install a fun runner in only a few countries so far, but, apparently, there isn’t much time left before the official launch. However, the most impatient ones will be able to change their region in the settings and gain access.
Players have to overcome a difficult path through numerous obstacles and traps. The protagonist of the game is an animal named Crash Bandicoot, who in the course of one of the unsuccessful experiments was created by the evil genius Neo Cortex. All the game will take place on the fictional islands of Wumpa Islands. Each level was carefully drawn by the developers manually.
Recall the release of the game for iOS called "Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2" took place ten years ago.