Mass production of TSMC chips built in a 4-nanometer process is scheduled for 2023

Taiwan's chip maker continues to lead and far ahead of the competition in creating increasingly sophisticated processors. The day before, TSMC CEO Liu Dain announced the company's novelty - a 4-nanometer process, which will be an improved version of the 5-nanometer and will be another step towards the development of the 2-nanometer.

The chips created by the 5-nanometer technology should see the light in the fourth quarter of this year, and the start of production of 4-nanometer chips is scheduled for 2023.

Recall that the TSMC has acted in the same way before. Thus, earlier the chipmaker released a 7-nanometer processor, and after a while introduced a more updated 6-nanometer chip, characterized by lower power consumption and higher performance.
By the way, the development of the 3-nanometer process is already completed and the company is preparing for its development, which should begin in less than a year.