TSMC launches 5-nanometer Snapdragon 875 chipset

Taiwanese TSMC chip maker launched a production line of new Snapdragon 875, 5G chips made with 5-nanometer technology. Qualcomm plans to introduce the processor already this year, so TSMC has to work at full capacity. It is reported that the Nanke 18 plant has increased production capacity by 60 thousand units, which is about 10 percent.

The first finished Qualcomm products will begin to receive in September, then the company will send them to smartphone manufacturers. But Qualcomm is not the only customer of 5-nanometer chips. Earlier TSMC launched production of the Apple A14 processor for the new iPhone 12.

So, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic has not hit the work of a Taiwanese company, which not only does not lack the work, but also increases capacity.