Apple can reduce the bundling of iPhone 12

It can't be said that Apple supplied new smartphones with a lot of additional accessories - the standard set usually included wired headphones and a 5-watt charger. However, it is rumored that this set will soon be significantly reduced.
It became known that in the future in the box with the smartphone may not be a standard headset EarPods, as well as the charger.

It is possible that the rejection of the headphones is due to Apple's desire to encourage customers to buy wireless AirPods. As for the charger, the company wants to bring to market a fast 20 Watt charger by offering everyone to buy it separately. The rumors were confirmed by analysts of Barclays agency, whose forecasts are often very close to the truth.

Probably, the reduced complete set will receive only base model iPhone 12, and the senior models will be completed with the charger and headset as before.