Mi10 Ultra got a 120W charger and 120X zoom

Six months after the announcement of the Mi10, Xiaomi finally introduced the long-awaited flagship model - the Mi10 Ultra. It should be admitted that the prefix "Ultra" is fully consistent with the characteristics of the smartphone. For the first time in the Chinese manufacturer's lineup, the device received a 120x zoom, 120W charger and 120-hz screen.
But about everything in order. The 6.67-inch screen supports 120-hertz refresh mode. There is a 20 megapixel front camera in the top left corner of the hole.
Mi10 Ultra got a 120W charger and 120X zoom

Smartphones are equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery and 120-watt charger, which after five minutes charging the battery to 40 percent, on a full charge takes 21 minutes. If you use the native 50W wireless charger, the charging time increases to 100 percent to 40 minutes.
The main camera module consists of four lenses at 48, 48, 20 and 12 megapixels. The camera can make 120x zoom and shoot as 8K.
The cost of the novelty varies from 763 to 1007 dollars depending on the version.