Apple will switch to 4 nm chips by 2022

One month ago iPhone 12 was launched. The flagship was the first Apple device, running on a 5-nanometer chip A14 Bionic. But even this is not the limit, a couple of years later the manufacturer plans to move to more advanced 4-nanometer processors.

According to the agency Trend Force, the first chip made on 4-nanometer technology will be A16 Bionic, the release of which is tentatively held in 2022. Its production will be engaged in Taiwan TSMC chip maker, with which the U.S. company has a partnership agreement. In the second half of next year, the first upgraded A15 Bionic chips will be removed from the TSMC's conveyors, using advanced N5P technology to combine high performance and low power consumption.

By the way, it was recently reported that the TSMC, in close cooperation with Samsung, has begun work on the development of 3-nanometer and 2-nanometer processes.