Mass production of TSMC advanced 3nm chips scheduled for 2023

Work on 3nm chips is in full swing. On the eve of the company TSMC representatives spoke about future plans. The first test batch of chips will see the light next year. In addition to the main version of the Taiwan manufacturer plans to release on the market and an improved version of the chip. The main consumer of its analysts call Apple, which will apply the developments for its new A17 Bionic.

In spite of the fact that the first samples of the vendor will present next year, serial production is scheduled only for 2022, and mass production of chips should start only in 2023. However, these timelines have already been specified in the roadmap, which the Taiwan manufacturer previously approved.
At the moment, TSMC does not publish the specifications of future products, however, experts believe that the increase in the density of transistors will cause a jump in performance and reduce power consumption.