Xiaomi showed a prototype of a 5-watt air charger

There was a presentation of a new proprietary invention of the Chinese company Xiaomi - "air" charging Mi Air Charge. Unlike standard wireless chargers, rechargeable gadgets can not be in close proximity to it.

The compact new product is suitable for charging smartphones, smart watches and other electronics. It involves 144 charging cells that transmit energy using 5 internal antennas. In order to receive energy, the body of the gadget to be charged must have a special platform with antennas. The range of the charger is several meters, and the output power is 5 watts.

According to the manufacturer, the presence of an obstacle between the gadget and the charger does not affect the charging process.
Presented for presentation sample is only a demonstration of the charger capabilities, Xiaomi is not yet ready for mass production and is engaged in testing. The approximate release date is next year.