Security flaws in two-factor authentication have been proven

For a long time it was thought that two-factor authentication technology perfectly helps to secure sensitive data on the smartphone, because the confirmation code comes only to the owner of the mobile device. However, this barrier can be easily overcome, and this was proved by the experience, conducted by the journalist of Vice magazine.

In the course of the experiment, a hacker was hired, who easily gained access to the journalist's social networks, despite the two-factor authentication. As the hacker later told himself, he managed to hack into it with the help of one of the special messaging services, which function legally. In particular, the hacker used Sakari and paid just $16 for a subscription, claiming that he owned the journalist's number, and then received all of his messages.

Summing up his experiment, the journalist urged not to rely blindly on the protection of two-factor authentication, and to use a physical security key, for example.