LG plans to update some models to Android 12 despite discontinuing smartphone production

The recent years for the mobile division of LG were so difficult that the company's leadership decided to stop production of smartphones by July 31. However, the South Koreans are not going to abandon their current customers and, despite the closure of the mobile division, will continue to provide support for the company's branded devices.
From the official website page LG Electronics has assured users that it is preparing to continue to regularly release security and software updates, including updating the operating system whenever possible. Android 11 will continue to spread, well, some models may even get Android 12. Apparently, the manufacturer was referring to the flagship models Velvet, Wing and V6 ThinQ.
By the way, according to rumors, the South Korean company in late spring or early summer wants to release the flagship LG V70, renderings of which have recently appeared on the Internet. The model has been in development for a long time, a lot of time and effort has been spent on it, and therefore its appearance will not surprise anyone much. By the way, the smartphone can get Snapdragon 888 and 6.5-inch AMOLED panel with support for 120 Hz.