Sales of a unique limited edition Meizu 18 have started

Yesterday a very unique Meizu 18 range was released. Technically the device does not differ from the flagship model with one single exception - the smartphone has a unique white screen, which perfectly harmonizes with the white color of the body and the frame. Only 88 smartphones of this series came off the production lines of the company.

The release of smartphones should attract the public to the danger of the extinction of a rare species of white dolphin, the population of which has approached a dangerous value.

One of the most expensive elements of the smartphone is the screen panel. The panel has been polished more than a thousand times to create the curved surface. Production of the white panel is so complicated and expensive that it is beyond repair and in case of breakage will simply be replaced with a standard black one. The panel costs more than $160 and the device itself is valued at $920. To avoid getting smartphones to resellers, the manufacturer will ensure control over their sales.