The Intel Bridge compiler built into Windows 11 will be able to open Android apps

One of the interesting features of the new Windows 11 will be the interaction with Android applications. Thanks to close cooperation with Amazon, Microsoft users will be able to install on their devices applications that were developed for mobile devices, and the Microsoft Store will have an Amazon Appstore. And it will not use emulation technology, but the Intel Bridge compiler.

The product was created by Intel developer, but the company will not limit its support to branded processors, giving the opportunity to run Android applications to computers based on ARM and AMD. Bridge automatically converts to x86 instructions applications created for other platforms. For example, the Rosetta application works with a similar technology, which allows Mac users to open x86 applications on their devices.

How much performance the Intel Bridge compiler will be able to show, no one knows yet. We should be patient and wait for the release of Windows 11.