Android 13 will have the ability to open Windows 11

Work on Android 13 is in full swing. Google engineers are paying special attention to the virtualization environment, so that users will be able to install a third-party OS on mobile devices.

On the social network Twitter developer Danny Lin has published a series of videos in which he not only ran Windows 11 ARM on his Pixel 6, but also played DOOM on this virtual OS. Note that his smartphone was running Android 13 DP1.

Lin is confident that despite the lack of hardware acceleration support, Windows 11 can easily be run on mobile devices. Other than that, Danny has successfully downloaded Linux distributions to his smartphone.

Mishaal Rahman also noted the obvious successes in virtualizing Android 13, appreciating the work of Google engineers in this direction.
However, it is worth noting that there have been successful attempts to launch Windows 10 and Windows 11 ARM on the Snapdragon 845 before.