Android 12 will feature a system-wide shopping cart

When studying test builds, enthusiasts often find quite interesting features. And although they are far from always implemented later by developers, it is quite interesting to analyze them. This time, a system-wide recycle garbage can was discovered in a recent version of Android.

Android 11 included Scoped Storage, which allowed any application to get a separate piece of storage. Some apps, such as file managers, which require full access to the system in order to work, had the ability to ask for permission for such access. In Android 12, all apps will have to use the MediaStore API to work with information in the storage, but if app developers for some reason will not use this interface, they will not be able to access the system-wide dumpster.

Temporarily deleted files are located in the same place where they were originally, but in a hidden format, but with the help of the system-wide recycle garbage can such files will be collected in one place, and the user will have access to information about the volume of such files, as well as the possibility of irretrievable deletion or recovery.