Supplies of Meizu Pro 5 stay 6 days

Chinese manufacturers did not get to start sending the latest Pro 5 according to the schedule.

As described, the demonstration of the newly-made gadget was 23 of September. Phones had to pull customers to pre-order, already on 12 October but yesterday it became clear, though sending fresh releases delayed by a week. Management of the company said, if customers pre-order, Meizu will reimburse the amount in a single $ 1.5 million.
Поставки Meizu Pro 5 задержаться на 6 дней

Consistent with the semi-official statement of the company, the date of dispatch Pro 5 is transferred on October 18. If any of this customer will receive an insurance payment in the amount of 199 yuan ($ 31).

But the figure did not manage payments according Insurance: all users, do the preparatory version of the application is the phone with a memory card of 32 GB, the company will send a bonus headset koiya separately worth 129 yuan ($ 20). Parcel with a version of the phone to 64GB Meizu accompany not only gratuitous headphones, however, and a coupon for 129 yuan, to whom will be allowed to use for the purchase of additions to the semi-official shop Flyme Store.