Fujitsu is leaving the PC market and mobile devices

Last year, Sony has sold unit for the production of personal computers, and now a similar decision was taken by management of other Japanese companies - Fujitsu. The following year the direction of the production of laptops and personal computers will be transferred into a separate subsidiary, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited. In addition, Fujitsu will hold a similar operation with its mobile division, separating it into Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited.

Fujitsu representatives explain that the reason for this decision is the commoditization of personal computers and smart phones, as well as the popularization of smartphones ultrabudgetary. Given these two factors, and competition from giants such as Samsung, Fujitsu's simply no chance to survive in the aforementioned markets. Separation of these areas from the main business is the easiest way to avoid big losses.

Earlier this month there were rumors that Toshiba and Fujitsu will merge their direction for the production of personal computers under a single brand Vaio. However, representatives of both companies still have not commented on this information.