New content Taichi Panda

Company Snail games ready to please us new addition to its acclaimed mobile games - Taichi Panda. Mobile Game in the genre of RPG, appeared in App store and Google play in 2015. Over the past year, the panda charmed tens of millions of players around the world. What is this game so attracted their attention?

New content Taichi Panda - Fighting for survival

Developers often delight their players a variety of upgrades. Today they presented us with another supplement called struggle for survival. The struggle for survival has begun on the continent Avzar with the opening of the new territory on which the valuable resources. With these resources, each hero can improve your wings and to increase its power. The game is a battle held on a new battlefield with a large number of players. Red Dragon - Also in the game a new combat pet is called Faithful and unique mascot was added. The most important thing - the developers added to the game motorcycle in which you can move together with a friend!

Download game Taichi Panda with new content can be in the App Store and Google Play today!

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Pill awakening experience [500] * 5
Pill intelligence [500] * 5
Gold * 1000000