The format of 5G-networks is agreed

In Portugal, Lisbon, at the next meeting of the 3GPP organization, which deals with the harmonization of cellular communications standards, the format of 5G networks was officially regulated. As a result of the meeting, a single world standard was developed, therefore manufacturers of electronic components around the world will finally be able to start active work. The new networks will support a high-frequency range of 50 GHz, a mid-range of 3.5 GHz and a low-frequency band of 600 and 700 MHz.
Формат 5G-сетей согласован

The development of 5G-modems is actively engaged in many corporations, in particular Intel is going to use them in new iPhone phones.
Domestic mobile operators have already applied for frequencies for the operation of next-generation networks. Their testing is scheduled for the summer, when the World Cup will take place in Russia.