Donald Trump announced thaw with Huawei

The conflict with the White House cost much to the Chinese company Huawei. Due to the ban of cooperation with her American firms, the pace of sales of smartphones manufacturer from the Middle Kingdom significantly decreased. However, the taboo on interaction with Huawei, apparently, is not profitable and the United States. At least the other day, American President Donald Trump said that in respect of Huawei, the US government has decided to soften the sanctions.
According to media reports, within one month, US companies will receive licenses to conduct business with Huawei, but it’s obvious to everyone that until the company is completely removed from the blacklist of the US government, it can be sanctioned again at any time if the need arises .
Analysts predict that the "thaw" between the United States and Huawei will allow the latter to aim at the bar of 250 million smartphones sold at the end of the year.