QIS-sensors take pictures in the dark

The newest QIS-sensors will allow to shoot only at 1 photon of illumination, that is practically in total darkness. Tiny dot-dots, lying in the structure of the multilayer sensor, capture piece photons of illumination, helping to transform the obtained data into a full image. To date, QIS-sensors are able to take pictures at 1 Mp resolution, but in the future the quality of the photo will improve due to the increase in the number of jots.
QIS-сенсоры дадут возможность снимать в темноте

The novelty has already aroused wide interest among potential consumers. In particular, astronomers, military, doctors and even the film industry were interested in new sensors. The creation of QIS-sensors will be quite costly, but the developers took care that they could use the same equipment for their production as for the production of earlier types of sensors.