The smartphone market has shown growth for the first time since 2017

Over the past few years, total smartphone sales in the world have steadily declined, but the situation is starting to improve. Strategy Analytics reports that the third quarter of this year showed an increase of 8.5 million smartphones, reaching 366.3 million units.
Despite struggling with the US government, China's Huawei has shown an incredible 29 percent increase. A good result was recorded by South Korean Samsung - thanks to the success of the Galaxy Note 10 model, the brand’s sales growth was 8 percent.
Analysts are sure that in the next quarter the situation on the market will stabilize even more. According to Linda Sui, head of Strategy Analytics, mobile device manufacturers are forced to reduce the cost of gadgets and expand their functionality in order to win competition and sell products.
Note that, despite the positive dynamics of smartphone sales in the world, Apple is not so good - in the third quarter, product sales fell again, this time by 3 percent.