Created completely recyclable electronic leather

The issues of creating electronic skin are now quite relevant. Many scientists around the world are engaged in research in this field. Most often, quite impressive samples are created, which, unfortunately, can rarely be completely recycled. Ideal from the environmental point of view, electronic skin was able to create scientists from the Colorado University. It is not only flexible enough and is restored with minor damages, but it has the ability to completely dissolve. The ecological skin received by scientists allows to simulate a human skin on its mechanical and functional properties.
Создана полностью перерабатываемая электронная кожа

It is able to monitor the physiological state of the body. And with a slight damage to the sensor, its "treatment" is only to apply a layer of polyimine, after which the skin continues to work in its normal mode. At the moment, a team of scientists is busy exploring the possibility of using their development in medicine and robotics. Note that wearable electronics today is becoming more popular day by day. Scientists are already full of battery cells and even displays, and the ability to print such devices on 3D printers has greatly simplified the technology of their creation.