XIAOMI tops the ranking of companies in the mobile market with the most loyal customers

Quest Mobile analysts came up with a rather surprising result after examining the loyalty of various brands of smartphone owners. As the results of the survey showed, the most loyal to the manufacturer of their mobile device are the owners of XIAOMI products.

As a rule, when it comes to choosing a new device, people pay attention to the attitude of the brand to customers, comfortable use of services and software, prestige and other criteria. It was thought that Apple device owners are the most loyal, but the study showed that with a score of 47.3 percent "Apple" is only in fourth place, far behind Xiaomi, the level of customer loyalty which was an incredible 63.2 percent, as well as from Huawei and OPPO.

It is not very clear how the respondents were chosen for this study, but the results are worth noting in any case.