Gameloft is preparing for the release of Asphalt 9: Legends

A long-awaited novice for fans of racing games is about to appear in the App Store. At the moment, the toy is only available in the test mode and only for gamers from the Philippines. The first lucky ones who managed to download Asphalt 9, unanimously declare that the ninth part of the franchise turned out to be very worthy and interesting.

The management of the car has been improved and now the main attention of players will be riveted not to him, but to what is happening around. The game will feature 50 licensed cars. Of course, fans from other countries who do not want to wait for Gameloft to release the game to the whole world will be able to download it from the App Store today, but for this it will be necessary to change the settings of their region and use the VPN.
The eighth part of the racing series Asphalt was released 5 years ago, and because fans of racing games around the world are eagerly awaiting the official release date.