Toshiba has released high-speed SD cards

Japanese company Toshiba specially for the European consumer has presented a high-speed line of cards in volume to 256 GB. SD-cards series PRO N502 are ideal for shooting as 4K and even 8K. The devices offer a recording speed of up to 260 MB / s, and the reading speed is up to 270 MB/s, which is more than double the capabilities of the current N401 series cards and an order of magnitude higher than the N301 series. In the line of cards will be available from 32 GB to 256 GB.
Toshiba выпустила высокоскоростные «неубиваемые» SD-карты

All cards have excellent waterproof and shockproof characteristics, they are not afraid of temperatures from 25 degrees below zero and to 85 degrees, and even X-rays. All this gives the manufacturer a reason to give a five-year guarantee on his cards.