Huawei accused of cheating performance in benchmarks

Chinese Huawei accused of dishonest game. It turned out that the smartphones of this company are programmed in such a way that they demonstrate maximum performance only at the moment of the test, the results of which do not subsequently reflect the real state of affairs.
Huawei explains this situation with an algorithm of artificial intelligence that increases performance depending on the type of application. However, this approach of the Chinese company is dishonest, since the maximum performance is achieved only during testing.
The most interesting thing is that when Huawei's flagship smartphones were tested not in the public version of the benchmark, but in the internal one, the devices demonstrated performance by 35 percent lower. As a result, 3DMark even deleted the results of four Huawei smartphones from its database.
By the way, in the manipulation of benchmarks, Meizu, Samsung and OnePlus were previously seen.