Samsung will introduce a smartphone with a hole in the display for the front camera

The other day, Samsung held a press conference at which she talked a lot about the upcoming updates to the Galaxy A6s and A9s. At the end of the event, the new Galaxy A8s gadget with innovations was announced in brief. After the demonstration of a series of teasers, it became clear what kind of innovation we are talking about - judging by the pictures, the innovation concerns the location of the front camera. It seems that the next method of placing the front-end camera will be “punching” the screen.
Even before the event, a respected insider on his page on the social network said that the next step in the location of the camera was in a hole in the display and attached a series of photos.
There are questions on this theory, in particular, where will the South Koreans have light and proximity sensors necessary for the operation of a smartphone? Apparently, the answers to them one way or another will be given in the near future.