Zoom caught catching sensitive data and sharing it with Facebook

In the world of high technology, the most valuable currency, of course, is information. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous developers are engaged in the fact that they implement data collection in their products, and sometimes send them to a third party. This is where the Zoom app was recently caught.
According to the Motherboard resource information, Zoom collects data on the device’s geolocation, operating time, mobile operator and the name of the mobile device, and then sends the received data to the Facebook SDK. The user agreement of the application states that it collects information about users, but there is no point that then this data is sent directly to the Facebook server.
Facebook, commenting on this situation, noted that third-party developers, using their SDK, must report on the collection of confidential data.
Looking back, it is worth noting that Zoom is not the first time to come across frauds with user data. Last year, for example, application developers were accused of accessing video conferencing data.