Manufacturers want to revive data transfer technology - UWB

Of course, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the most well-known wireless data transfer technologies. However, there are other wireless standards that are not yet in demand. For example, the standard UWB. Despite a number of advantages, UWB has not received due distribution. But in the near future the situation can change dramatically - the spread of the standard was supported by such major players in the market as Samsung, Bosch and Sony.

By the way, the advantages of the standard UWB are positioning accuracy and high speed data transmission. Since the transmission occurs due to low-power RF pulses, rather than radio frequency, the connection does not react so critically to interference. In addition, it is quite difficult to intercept such a signal, for this you will need special equipment.

Unfortunately, there is a standard and a significant drawback - the speed of information transfer is significantly reduced with increasing distance of the connection.