Scientists have found a way to fool a fingerprint scanner

Many blindly trust their confidential data to the fingerprint scanner, naively believing that this type of protection will reliably protect them from problems. It is not surprising that more than 70 percent of modern smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint scanner. But it turns out that this type of protection is not so secure.
A group of scientists from the United States was able to find a technique that helps to crack any fingerprint sensor. Usually, the probability of false triggering on a fingerprint reaches 0.1 percent, but thanks to its methodology, scientists have increased this figure many times.
The fact is that the sensors do not scan the entire area of ​​the print, but only the points of contact. This suggests that the probability of finding partially matching fingerprints immediately increases many times. Having developed a system of common prints, the algorithm created by scientists has successfully deceived a fingerprint scanner.