Samsung has divided the order for the manufacture of fingerprint scanners into three manufacturers

In order not to depend on all sorts of force majeure circumstances and to reduce the risks of supply to nothing, Samsung decided to negotiate the supply of super-fast scanners not with one manufacturer, but with three at once. Thus, the required order volume will fall on the shoulders of the companies O-film, Qualcomm and GIS.
Insiders figured out that all the above companies will start shipping scanners to South Koreans starting in January, that is, about a month before the Galaxy S10.
Super-modern scanners allow for tiny fractions of a second to accurately read prints even on dirty and wet hands.
If the companies of O-film and GIS succeed in showing themselves well, then there is a high probability that they will be entrusted with the production of scanners for Galaxy Note10, the announcement of which is expected in the summer.