LG will outsource the production of low-cost smartphones

For the last few years, the production of smartphones not only does not bring LG any serious dividends, but also drags the company dead weight to the bottom. Is it any joke, for 22 quarters the Koreans have suffered serious losses in the manufacture of smartphones.

To avoid further sinking into the abyss, LG's management has decided to stop production of mobile devices of the lower and middle price category, giving it at the mercy of third-party companies. Such a decision, according to the board of directors, will significantly reduce the company's costs. Now only premium-class smartphones will leave the assembly lines of the Korean manufacturer, all the rest will be outsourced.

Using the help of third-party companies in the mobile industry is not a new decision. Previously, South Korea's Samsung did exactly that, outsourcing the production of some low-cost smartphone models, including the budget Galaxy A line, to Chinese companies.